Take a Bite of This: Appetizer Edition

By Angela Vidreiro, SOM Term 2

Updated: November 6, 2020

The old adage goes: the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. While as future physicians we know that is anatomically not possible, it still holds true to say that food really does play a significant role in feeding the soul. Food allows us to travel back in time to relive memories, helps make connections to nostalgic emotions and the more obvious, and supplements us with the energy we need to survive. While art is poetry for the eyes, music that of the soul, food is for our tummies, so here are some of the best places to eat on our vibrant little corner of the world.

I am a strong believer that when traveling, it is important to be adventurous and immerse yourself in the culture of where you are visiting. This is precisely why our first stop on the tour is BB’s Crabback! If you order appetizers you are my kind of person. Fried conch. That’s it - that's the whole sentence. No, really. While I can be bold with food choices, conch was not on my list, but I am so glad I gave it a try. Fried in a crispy batter and seasoned with what can only be described as the seasonings from King Triton himself. Definitely order the conch!

Can you really say you went to Grenada without trying Oildown? While the locals will argue their grandma makes the best oildown, this one definitely comes in as a close second. What I loved about BB’s was that their dishes stayed true to the roots of Grenada and didn’t try to fix something that isn't broken. While some other restaurants make a fancier version (which is still mouth-watering), I much prefer the traditional version which is already so abundantly flavorful. The bold spices mix so beautifully melds the meat and breadfruit, while getting wrapped in a hug by the remnants of coconut milk after being simmered for some time. If a hearty and flavorful meal are what you are looking for, then look no further. While this dish is super delicious, it can only be enjoyed on Fridays. It is made with so much love and needs a while to simmer and most certainly cannot be rushed.

BB’s Crabback is located in the hustling St. George city center. It is a quick ride on the bus and a definite must, because you will not meet more friendly locals than those of Grenada. It is a great spot to have lunch with your family or a significant other. The views are really nice and what I truly enjoyed is their neat little trend for patrons who have visited to leave their names on the wall in all these fluorescent markers. It was incredibly moving to see some of our former students from the 80’s with their names still up there. 

Leaving our mark in the world after a delicious meal at BB’s Crabback. 

If you want to transport yourself to Italy while enjoying the warm, inviting Caribbean breeze, then Laluna is the restaurant you are looking for. This is the perfect spot for a romantic night out as it is intimate and cozy while offering beach front views and an amazing location to watch the sunset. So, what food stood out here? All of it! If it were up to me, I would treat that place like a buffet. But seeing as it is a bit on the pricier side, here are my few select picks. First, drinks - every meal is improved with a good cocktail or glass of wine. Their wine list is pretty extensive and worth a glance over. Next, appetizers! Grenada is an island so take advantage of the fish that is caught fresh every day. The fish tartar is not something you want to skip. The Antipasto Italiano - mamma mia, it is delicious. We are here for a good time, not a long time, so what to order as a main dish? Carbs, carbs, carbs! I'm a huge fan of carbs and cheese, and if you are too, then this is your dream come true.

Seafood spaghetti is a beautiful medley of seafood tossed in a light tomato sauce that has a bit of a kick. Pappardelle Laluna was probably one of my favorite dishes. I can without a doubt say it was comparable to a dish I had when in Rome - my circumvallate and fungiform taste buds were beside themselves. (Have to throw in some medical school references here, am I right?) The grilled catch of the day is definitely a more tropical dish with its citrus and pineapple salsa. If you are a meat-and-potatoes kind of person, the Tagliata is the dish for you. The cowboy "steak-of-steaks", the ribeye, is seared to perfection and served with scalloped potatoes. 

My boyfriend and I got there while they were closing and we wouldn’t get a chance to visit again seeing as we were leaving the next day. The restaurant stayed open just to serve us: talk about amazing customer service. We were lucky to have the entire place to ourselves while enjoying this amazing food. If you ever get a chance to go, a dinner date at Laluna is sure to be memorable. 

The most delicate ribbons of tagliatelle in an earthy and creamy mushroom sauce from Laluna.

If you’re looking for a great place to celebrate after your white coat ceremony, my family and I went to 61 West and it was delightful. As always, starters are a must. Sweet Spot Tuna were little bites, but every bite "packed a punch" in the words of Dr. Mandalenini. West Side Bites were a hit, as were the Pork Belly Tostadas. The main dishes we had were the Osso Buco, burger, and lobster roll. While these are no longer on the menu, I can say with confidence the starters accompanied with their signature cocktails and the views of Grand Anse beach are sufficient to make for a relaxing night with family or a fun brunch day with your friends. While portion size is a bit smaller and prices are higher than usual, please do not discount this place from one of your spots. 

The famous Eggs Benny served by sweetest host Kathy at La Papillion.

We surely cannot forget the most important meal of the day! No, not breakfast, I mean brunch. Better than breakfast because you can have a fruity and tangy passion fruit mimosa at La Papillion. It is super convenient that this place is a stop along the Grand Anse bus route. I cannot give enough praise to this super quaint and hidden little gem of a café. I think no brunch is complete without Eggs Benny, which unfortunately are only available on Thursdays and Sundays. To express how delicious this menu item was, I risked missing my flight the Sunday I left the island to have the eggs benedict just one more time. I cut it really close,  but I would do it again if it meant I got to eat the perfectly poached egg. 

I may be petite, but this girl can eat, so as an accompaniment to my Eggs Benedict, I also ordered a brown butter and lemon crepe. Since I couldn’t decide between that one and the guava and brie crepe, I ordered both. Because, why not? If you like the perfect balance of sweet and savory, I suggest the brie and guava. If luxurious and decadent is more to your liking, the brown butter with lemon should be your go to. I was stuffed but I couldn't resist trying some of the chocolate chip pancakes and banana caramel crepe my boyfriend ordered. In conclusion you cannot go wrong with anything you order on that menu. If you are like me, you also need your cup of joe. Their iced coffee is a great pick-me-up before you head on over to the beach after being incredibly bloated from the delicious meal you just devoured. 

Stay tuned for more reviews on locals eats and hot spots from the Isle of Spice! 

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