SGU Sports Medicine Club Founders Editorial & Interview: John McGwire and Andrea Lorenz

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Updated: October 7, 2020

What inspired you start the Sports Medicine Club at SGU? 

Before heading to the SGU Student Organization Fair, I spotted a friend wearing a Sports Medicine Club t-shirt. This peaked my interest and at the fair, I started looking for the Sports Medicine Club table. Unable to find the interest group on my own, I asked other students to help direct me to the correct location. A few people looked up the student organization fair floor plan, however, were also mysteriously unable to locate it. I ended up leaving the fair disappointed that day after going around the fair a few times without success in finding the club. Shortly after, I messaged my friend who had been wearing the Sports Medicine Club t-shirt and asked him about it. To my surprise, he had been a part of the club in undergraduate. From then on, I knew I had to create a Sports Medicine Club at SGU. I pitched the idea of starting the club to my friend Andrea, and before we knew it, both she and I had founded the Sports Medicine club here at SGU.

Who is your target audience?

The target audience includes everyone at SGU: pre-medical students and veterinary students. The SGU Sports Medicine Club is very versatile and plans to have guest speakers who will talk about their experience in the specialty. Starting with the undergraduate students, we aim to be an organization where pre-med or pre-vet students can come and expand their horizons on different specialties within the field of medicine. 

When thinking of veterinary medicine, few people associate sports. With SGU's Sports Medicine Club, we plan on integrating small animal radiology, health clinics, and important information involving the athletic health of the veterinarians themselves. 

The School of Medicine students will benefit from the clinically relevant workshops such as a joint injection workshop, treatment on field/court, common sports injuries, preventative measures, concussion management, and imaging workshops. These will be open to all members of the club. 

What is the mission of the Sports Medicine Club? 

Our mission is to integrate sports with medicine. With the wide variety of fields that keep a team healthy, we will highlight the different paths to become a Sports Medicine physician. The guest speakers will talk about their experience in the specialty. Another goal of our club is to give back to Grenada. It is our mission to help spread the knowledge of how sports medicine is integrated into our everyday lives. 

How will you give back to the community?

The SGU Sports Medicine Club will be spreading awareness of safe athletics to the local Grenadian community. This term, we will be talking to students in Grenadian schools about prevention of common sports injuries. In addition, we plan to educate adult athletes as well. When the SGU students return back to campus in Grenada, the club will host fundraising events through various sporting events including basketball, soccer, football, spikeball, and volleyball tournaments to name a few. 

Is there any other information you would like to share?

SGU Sports Medicine Club had our first meeting on September 14, 2020. But, it’s never too late to join. Please visit our Facebook “SGU Sports Medicine Club” to sign-up and find out more information.

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