How Mocha Spoke Became a Staple on the Spice Island

By Kadie Stephens, SOM CFP

Updated: November 6, 2020

Darryl Kotyk (Owner of Mocha Spoke) biking in Grenada with his family (top) and staple foods on the Mocha Spoke menu (bottom).

After getting my acceptance letter from SGU, like many of us, I started researching all that I could about the beautiful island of Grenada. I read blog posts, travel guides and even watched "House Hunters International" on HGTV. This is when I discovered the story of Darryl and Amanda Kotyk. A Canadian family moves to Grenada to start their dream business, combining their love for bicycles and coffee. To those of you who are familiar to the island, Mocha Spoke is a student staple. With a variety of specialty coffees, and bicycle rentals, Mocha Spoke provides a great environment for people to relax, hangout, and study. 

In 2011, Darryl and Amanda Kotyk packed up their 3 kids and 2 dogs and moved to Grenada to start their dream business. The Kotyk’s were not strangers to the Caribbean after living in St. Kitts for 3 years, Barbados for 2 months, and Belize for a month. But they loved the vibe of Grenada and after finding a business partner on the Spice Island, they knew it was meant to be. Mocha Spoke combines two separate business ventures into one. It offers a café that delivers frappes, smoothies, paninis, salads, waffles, along with other amazing baked goods. Along with the café, it has a bicycle shop that provides rentals and tours around the island. Not only is Mocha Spoke the only bicycle café in the Caribbean, but it is the only bicycle builder in the Caribbean. 

A 2014 interview asked Darryl Kotyk how he balances work, life, and family. Kotyk responded, “I have created my own culture so that means I get to combine work, life, and family all in one.  My family is always hanging out with me at Mocha Spoke, and my love for bicycles is a part of each and every day. So I guess I don’t really have to balance, I’ve just mixed them all together instead”. Koytk continues saying he loves living in Grenada and being his own boss because he loves being in control, meeting people from all over the world, and making an impact on the sport and industry that he loves.

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