Why Reach Out to a SGA Rep?

SGA is the bridge the students use to connect to the University's administration.

We are the collective voice of the student body; it's representatives and negotiating arm.

Students may consult an SGA rep to air concerns/suggestions or seek clarification on information received.

The reps will then bring these matters up in meetings they have with administration.

Students can contact reps for assistance with changes they would like to see in the school curriculum.

We are the collective voice of the student body; it's representatives and negotiating arm.

We help students to find buildings, what acronyms mean, where to print, etc...

They may solicit our help in gaining a better orientation of the University, its facilities and policies.

SGA reps help mediate if a student is having issues with a professor, clinical tutor, or another classmate.

SGA has a judiciary committee where members are elected to represent the interests of students to the University Disciplinary Panel. These members are also responsible for attending the University Judicial Panel.

We provide information on campus-wide events such as Unity Ball and Sandblast.

SGA hosts a variety of events for the student body to enhance student life, form better student relationships, and build a stronger SGU community.

What Does It Take to Be a SGA Rep?

A student must be in good standing with the University and meet the following requirements, which are dictated by the Office of the Dean of Students and may be changed at their discretion.

  • SOM students must have at least an 80.0% WMPG

  • SVM students must have at least a 3.0 GPA

  • SAS students must have at least a 3.0 GPA

  • No student from any school may serve a term which they are repeating (ex. CR or LOA).

    • Once they have successfully completed that term with a passing grade, they may serve as an SGA rep for the subsequent term.

Fall 2020 Class Coordinators


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Interested in getting involved or having your voice heard? Get in touch with the team at SGA for a chance to join the organization, discuss your ideas, speak with a representative, and have your questions answered.

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