SGU Class Fund

Class Funds are designated funds used throughout the year for each graduating class. Funds can be be collected throughout the school year to support these classroom initiatives all year long.  All Class Fund donations are collected by SGA and are held in separate accounts. 

How much $$$ is the Class Fund donation?

A suggested donation of $5 EC per student is requested on behalf of each SGU student.

These funds will support the following:

  • End of the Year Class Celebration

  • Materials/supplies needed by the students of that class 

  • Class Shirt: Class t-shirts will be worn on special events such as college day or spirit day.

Who manages the Class Funds?

The SGA VP of Financial Affairs oversees the spending of the Class Fund. Each class will have a designated class representative in charge of his or her class fund (led by the Finance Committee). The VP of Financial Affairs will work with the Finance Committee Board Members to appropriately budget the class funds across the school year. The Board Members will also communicate to the classroom families how these funds are spent throughout the school year.

How do I make my Class Funds donation?

Payment options…

CASH/CHECK: Please print and fill out this CLASS FUND DONATION FORM.

Thank you!

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