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David Townsend

SGA President

Hello, Everyone!  My name is David Townsend and I am a Term 5 School of Medicine student and the President of SGA!  I am from Alexandria, Minnesota, which, is a small town in the center of the state.  My wife, Kerri, and I have two boys named Boden (6) and Luke (3).  It has been such an honor to serve our fellow students through such an awesome organization like SGA.  What I truly love about SGU is the willingness of people to help one another during times of struggle.  This was so very apparent during the difficult time of transitioning back to our home countries and to an online academic format due to Covid-19.  The entire SGU community showed such amazing human spirit and fellowship.  I joined student government so that I could be more involved with the decisions that affect SGU, as well as, to become a leader amongst the student body.  SGA has allowed me to do that and so much more.  Looking forward to seeing you all soon!  Best to you!

Jennifer Kirk

President SVM Affairs

Hi everyone! I'm a Term 6 SVM student. I'm from Townsend, MA and am an avid Boston sports fan (GO PATS)! I'm a huge foodie (HIGHLY food-motivated) and my favorite things to do outside of school are working out, reading, and knitting (yes, I'm a Grandma at heart). I actually joined SGA out of spite but it was the best impulse decision I've ever made. The relationships I've made through SGA and SGU have been some of the most impactful on my life and my career. 

Brittney Jarvis

President of SASUA Undergraduate Affairs

Hey everyone! I am from the Isle of Spice, Grenada. I'm a senior student majoring in General Biology from School of Arts & Sciences. When I have spare time, I take advantage of outdoors from the beach, historical sites, hikes, river tubing, etc. I joined SGA to make a difference for SAS students who didn't have a voice to direct issues affecting their learning on cmapus. From there I looked forward to SGA SAS Day whereby new and current students familiarize themselves with SAS organizations and administration departments.

Marilyn Mehrabi

VP Communications

Hi! I'm a Canadian Term 2 student in the School of Medicine MD Program. My favorite part of attending SGU has been making friends from all over the world. Our campus is lively, diverse, and full of students who motivate each other to become great future doctors. I joined SGA to give back to the student body by improving my peer's academic and personal experiences on campus!

Maria Coppola

VP SVM Affairs

My name is Maria and I am a Term 5 Vet student. I'm from Pittsburgh, PA and I love football. GO STEELERS! I am a huge dog lover and German Shepherds are my favorite. I joined SGA my 1st term here at SGU, and it was the best decision I have made. I am honored to serve as SGA VP of SVM affairs again with a great executive board.

Che Bowen

VP SASUA Undergraduate Affairs

Greetings SAS!!! I am Che Bowen, currently in my 4th term majoring in General Biology. I joined SGA with the intention to play a pivotal role in relating and communicating issues that we the student body may face in an effective, straight forward manner. I enjoy gardening and small scale farming, and I love being in nature.

Stephanie Chen

VP Financial Affairs

Hi! My name is Stephanie and I'm the creator of the new SGA website!! I'm currently a Term 2 MD student in the School of Medicine program and residing in Princeton, NJ. I joined SGA to help advocate for student needs and help build a sense of community at SGU. I I love geting involved with my community and am extremely excited to be serving you guys this term!  Looking forward to working with everyone at SGA!

Sophia Tsirigotis

VP of External Affairs

Hello! My name is Sophia Tsirigotis and I am from Vancouver, Canada. I am a Term 5 student in the School of Medicine MD program. My favourite part of attending SGU so far has been all of the travelling I have been able to do as well as learning from amazing professors and clinical tutors. I love the Grenada campus and having a view while studying was a huge bonus for me! I joined SGA because it allows me to help me peers with any issues they are having well as letting me further develop my leadership skills.

Will Sayegh

VP Operations

Hey! My name is William J Sayegh, aka “The Guy” and I am a Term 3/4 School of Medicine Student from New York. Since coming to SGU, I have come to love the island of Grenada and the amazing people that make it beautiful. SGU has been crucial in helping me achieve my dreams and being in SGA has only helped me to keep pushing forward. I have headed many projects to improve our beautiful campus, and working with the entire  SGA team has been pivotal in improving the Student quality of life on campus, and I look forward to continuing our work!

Kaitlin Grindlay

VP of Administration Affairs

Hi y'all! I'm a Term 5 SOM student (McIndoe College) from Indiana. My favorite part about SGU is how incredible it is to study with people from all over the world - which also makes intramural soccer very entertaining! I joined SGA because I know what we do truly makes a difference in solving all types of different issues students may have. SGA also gets to see a more behind-the-scenes view of some of the major events going on at SGU.  

Sigogini Sivarajah

VP of Internal Affairs

Hi! My name is Siggy and I’m a Canadian term 3/4 student in the School of Medicine MD Program. I am a part of the KBT Global Scholars Program and just finished my year in Newcastle. I absolutely loved having the opportunity to study in the UK and being exposed to a different healthcare system. I joined SGA to be able to connect with my colleagues and be able to support them, especially during these times. It’s a tough journey ahead, but we’re in this together. 

Claudia Muller-Moran

VP Student Life

I am a T4 School of Medicine student from Winnipeg, Manitoba. My favourite part of SGU was being part of their Keith B. Taylor Global Scholar Program in Newcastle, UK. I joined student government since I thoroughly enjoy helping new and current students create friendships and lasting memories. I love learning different languages, cultures and beliefs. If I could study and keep traveling the world, I would! We for this!

Faculty Advisors

Sacha Pierre

Instructor, SOM Term 3/4 Advising Coordinator

Academic Advising Development and Support & Faculty Advisor, Student Government Association (SGA)

Arno Werners

I am a professor in SVM with a passion for education. Having been the SGA President at Utrecht University some years ago, I strongly believe in an independent student voice! I love the University's diverse campus and love the island of Grenada. If I am not at work, I  read, scuba dive or swim when on the Isle of Spice and cycle and play golf when I am at home in the Netherlands.

Shari Sinclair

I am originally from Montego Bay, Jamaica. I am passionate about advocacy, and what I love about being an SGA Faculty Advisor is that I still get to be a part of improving student life and enacting impactful change within the SGU community. When I am not working or studying, I enjoy playing video games and cooking.

Krystal Da Breo

My name is Krystal Da Breo. I'm a Media Psychologist who's a professional proofreader and editor, with an unwavering love for spicy food. I'm in charge of Communication Support Services (SGU's Writing Centre within SAS). I also teach the course Social Media. I was born and raised in Grenada, and I'm a second-generation SGU grad. From my SGA (rep and e-board) days to now, my commitment to service to students has been and continues to be my top priority.

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